Mommy's to be

Mommy's to be

Pregnancy is a beautiful but also challenging experience. The physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to stay active and connected to your body. At Hey Honey, we understand these challenges because our founders are mothers themselves.

That’s why we’ve designed our maternity activewear to provide comfort and support during this special time. Our lightweight, breathable fabric moves with your body, providing a full range of motion and allowing you to stay active and connected to your body. Our unique colors and prints will help you look and feel your best, and our adjustable fit ensures maximum comfort. Whether you’re practicing yoga or simply taking a walk, Hey Honey’s maternity activewear will help you stay connected to your body and enjoy your pregnancy journey.

Are you pregnant and don't really know if and which yoga style you can practice? We can help you :) 

Prenatal yoga for example is a great and gentle form of yoga designed specifically for pregnant women. It combines postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques to help strengthen and stretch the body, reduce stress and fatigue, and increase energy levels. Prenatal yoga is safe for most pregnant women and can be adapted to fit any stage of pregnancy. This style of yoga can help prepare the body and mind for labor and childbirth, as well as provide a supportive environment where pregnant women can connect with other moms-to-be.

We have summarised some more yoga styles for you, which can be practised during and after pregnancy.

1. Kundalini Yoga: This style of yoga combines postures, breathing exercises, and mantras to help cultivate energy and awareness. It is a powerful practice that can help reduce stress and improve mental clarity.

2. Yin Yoga: This style of yoga focuses on long-held, passive poses that target the deeper connective tissues of the body. It is a gentle practice that can help promote relaxation and improved flexibility.

3. Restorative Yoga: This style of yoga uses props and gentle poses to reduce stress and fatigue. It is a great practice for postpartum mothers as it can help restore energy and balance in the body.

After pregnancy, rest is extremely important. As soon as you feel well again and have regained your strength, the following yoga exercises (Asanas) are perfect for getting back into the swing of things:

Yoga after giving birth is a great way to rebuild strength and stability in the body. Postnatal yoga is designed for postpartum mothers and helps to stretch and strengthen the muscles that were stretched and weakened during pregnancy and childbirth.

This style of yoga also helps to increase energy levels, improve posture and flexibility, and reduce stress and anxiety. Additionally, postnatal yoga can help new mothers reconnect with their bodies and minds, and can provide a supportive community of other mothers. Some of the most popular postnatal yoga postures include Cat/Cow, Child’s Pose, Mountain Pose, Cobra Pose, Bridge Pose, and Leg Lifts.

Are you looking for supportive yoga wear during and after your pregnancy? We got you! 

The Hey Honey Maternity Leggings are designed to provide comfort and support during and after pregnancy. They are made of lightweight, breathable fabric that moves with your body, providing a full range of motion. The fabric is also stretchy and comfortable, so you can wear them all day long.
The leggings also feature a waistband that can be adjusted to fit your growing belly. Additionally, the fabric is moisture-wicking and quick-drying, so you can stay cool and dry during your yoga practice. The Hey Honey Maternity Leggings are the perfect choice for any pregnant or postpartum yogi!

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