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Discover the enduring appeal of Hey Honey's athleisure! Alongside our upcoming collections, we're reintroducing the beloved classics that have become staples in athleisure wear. From versatile essentials to chic statement pieces, our curated selection of past favorites is tailored to elevate your active lifestyle with comfort and style. Embrace the best of both worlds with Hey Honey's athleisure collection, designed to keep you stylish and comfortable whether you're hitting the gym, running errands, or lounging at home.


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Leggings Black High AnkleLeggings Black High Ankle
Leggings Black High Ankle Sale price€74.00 EUR
Leggings Leo BiscuitLeggings Leo Biscuit
Leggings Leo Biscuit Sale price€109.00 EUR
Leggings BlackLeggings Black
Leggings Black Sale price€74.00 EUR
Leggings Lessismore CaribouLeggings Lessismore Caribou
Leggings Lessismore Caribou Sale price€109.00 EUR
Save 40%
Neon Pink Surf Style SetNeon Pink Surf Style Set
Neon Pink Surf Style Set Sale price€88.80 EUR Regular price€148.00 EUR
Leggings Leo ClayLeggings Leo Clay
Leggings Leo Clay Sale price€109.00 EUR
Leggings Surf Style Leo BiscuitLeggings Surf Style Leo Biscuit
Leggings Surf Style Leo Biscuit Sale price€89.00 EUR
Save 5%
Forest Night SetForest Night Set
Forest Night Set Sale price€126.00 EUR Regular price€133.00 EUR
Criss-Cross Bra Lessismore CaribouCriss-Cross Bra Lessismore Caribou
Criss-Cross Bra Lessismore Caribou Sale price€64.00 EUR
Criss-Cross Bra BlackCriss-Cross Bra Black
Criss-Cross Bra Black Sale price€59.00 EUR
Bra Leo BiscuitBra Leo Biscuit
Bra Leo Biscuit Sale price€65.00 EUR
Leggings CaribouLeggings Caribou
Leggings Caribou Sale price€74.00 EUR
Leggings Surf Style Neon PinkLeggings Surf Style Neon Pink
Leggings Surf Style Neon Pink Sale price€89.00 EUR
Criss-Cross Bra Neon PinkCriss-Cross Bra Neon Pink
Criss-Cross Bra Neon Pink Sale price€59.00 EUR
Save 40%
Leggings Neon PinkLeggings Neon Pink
Leggings Neon Pink Sale price€44.40 EUR Regular price€74.00 EUR
Leggings Forest NightLeggings Forest Night
Leggings Forest Night Sale price€74.00 EUR
Criss-Cross Bra Forest NightCriss-Cross Bra Forest Night
Criss-Cross Bra Forest Night Sale price€59.00 EUR
Sweater PeaceSweater Peace
Sweater Peace Sale price€109.00 EUR
Biker BlackBiker Black
Biker Black Sale price€69.00 EUR
Leggings Maternity Black - Hey Honey YogaLeggings Maternity Black - Hey Honey Yoga
Leggings Maternity Black Sale price€89.00 EUR
Leggings Leo JadeLeggings Leo Jade
Leggings Leo Jade Sale price€109.00 EUR
Save 10%
Leo Rose SetLeo Rose Set
Leo Rose Set Sale price€157.00 EUR Regular price€174.00 EUR
Leggings Leo RoseLeggings Leo Rose
Leggings Leo Rose Sale price€109.00 EUR
Bustier CaribouBustier Caribou
Bustier Caribou Sale price€69.00 EUR
Criss-Cross Bra Distorted Animal MagnetCriss-Cross Bra Distorted Animal Magnet
Biker Neon PinkBiker Neon Pink
Biker Neon Pink Sale price€69.00 EUR
Leggings Leo ChocolateLeggings Leo Chocolate
Leggings Leo Chocolate Sale price€109.00 EUR
Save 40%
Bustier Moon FigBustier Moon Fig
Bustier Moon Fig Sale price€44.40 EUR Regular price€74.00 EUR
Bra Leo RoseBra Leo Rose
Bra Leo Rose Sale price€65.00 EUR
Bra Leo JadeBra Leo Jade
Bra Leo Jade Sale price€65.00 EUR
Save 40%
Criss-Cross Bra Moon FigCriss-Cross Bra Moon Fig
Criss-Cross Bra Moon Fig Sale price€38.40 EUR Regular price€64.00 EUR
Bra Leo ChocolateBra Leo Chocolate
Bra Leo Chocolate Sale price€65.00 EUR
Leggings Maternity Leo ChocolateLeggings Maternity Leo Chocolate
Leggings Maternity Leo Chocolate Sale price€109.00 EUR
Save 40%
Criss-Cross Bra Moon French OakCriss-Cross Bra Moon French Oak
Criss-Cross Bra Moon French Oak Sale price€38.40 EUR Regular price€64.00 EUR
Long Biker Leo BiscuitLong Biker Leo Biscuit
Long Biker Leo Biscuit Sale price€74.00 EUR
Bustier Distorted Animal MagnetBustier Distorted Animal Magnet
Bustier Distorted Animal Magnet Sale price€74.00 EUR
Save 40%
Leggings Maternity Distorted Animal MagnetLeggings Maternity Distorted Animal Magnet
Leggings Maternity Distorted Animal Magnet Sale price€65.40 EUR Regular price€109.00 EUR
Biker Leo BiscuitBiker Leo Biscuit
Biker Leo Biscuit Sale price€74.00 EUR
Save 40%
Leggings Moon FigLeggings Moon Fig
Leggings Moon Fig Sale price€65.40 EUR Regular price€109.00 EUR
Biker Leo ChocolateBiker Leo Chocolate
Biker Leo Chocolate Sale price€74.00 EUR
Cropped Top WhiteCropped Top White
Cropped Top White Sale price€45.00 EUR
Bustier Neon PinkBustier Neon Pink
Bustier Neon Pink Sale price€69.00 EUR
Biker Leo ClayBiker Leo Clay
Biker Leo Clay Sale price€74.00 EUR
Biker Lessismore CaribouBiker Lessismore Caribou
Biker Lessismore Caribou Sale price€74.00 EUR
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Leggings Moon French OakLeggings Moon French Oak
Leggings Moon French Oak Sale price€65.40 EUR Regular price€109.00 EUR
Leggings Arctic Thyme [FW24 - Drop 3]Leggings Arctic Thyme [FW24 - Drop 3]
Leggings Arctic Black [FW24 - Drop 3]Leggings Arctic Black [FW24 - Drop 3]
Leggings Surf Style Leo RoseLeggings Surf Style Leo Rose
Leggings Surf Style Leo Rose Sale price€89.00 EUR
Leggings Distorted Animal MagnetLeggings Distorted Animal Magnet
Leggings Distorted Animal Magnet Sale price€109.00 EUR
Cropped Top BlackCropped Top Black
Cropped Top Black Sale price€45.00 EUR