We have been there: Pregnant, without the perfect Yoga pants. That’s why we designed our own maternity leggings. We wanted it to feel comfy while at the same time protecting our baby bump. Supporting us from pregnancy week one to the final day – and even after birth. Our maternity leggings have a special waistband made from a high stretch material that grows with our bellies. Wear them on the Yoga mat, on your couch or even in the streets. 


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Leggings Surf Style Maternity MillefleursLeggings Surf Style Maternity Millefleurs
Leggings Maternity Leo JadeLeggings Maternity Leo Jade
Sale price€109.00 EUR
Leggings Maternity Black - Hey Honey YogaLeggings Maternity Black - Hey Honey Yoga
Sale price€89.00 EUR
Leggings Maternity Lessismore CaribouLeggings Maternity Lessismore Caribou
Sale price€100.00 EUR
Leggings Maternity Distorted Animal MagnetLeggings Maternity Distorted Animal Magnet
Leggings Maternity Leo LavenderLeggings Maternity Leo Lavender
Sale price€60.00 EUR Regular price€100.00 EUR
Leggings Maternity Leo Ginger - Hey Honey YogaLeggings Maternity Leo Ginger - Hey Honey Yoga
Sale price€60.00 EUR Regular price€100.00 EUR
Leggings Maternity Leo RedLeggings Maternity Leo Red
Sale price€60.00 EUR Regular price€100.00 EUR
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Leggings Maternity Confetti Eclipse [SS24 PREORDER - Drop 2: 15.03.2023]
Leggings Maternity LEO Chocolate [SS24 PREORDER - Drop 2: 15.03.2024]
Leggings Maternity Feather [SS24 PREORDER - Drop 1: 15.01.2024]
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Leggings Maternity Leo Biscuit
Sale price€109.00 EUR

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