A fair and environmentally friendly production in Europe is a matter of course for us! We take the quality of our products and the ethical principles of our manufacturers very seriously and strive for the highest standards.

We only work with companies we have a personal relationship with and that share our norms and same views on quality. All our products are carefully made in Turkey and certified according to OEKO-TEX®.


Sustainability means a lot to us. This is why we are GOTS certified. Fair working conditions, sustainable production, that reduces the consumption of water and energy as well as the usage of textiles that contain at least 70% organic natural fibers are of high importance.


We are pleased to announce that we are now officially “PETA – Approved Vegan” by the official PETA organization! This certification is given to fashion brands that are entirely committed, dispensing with the use of animal products. This means that fur, leather, feathers amongst other things are restricted to be used in the textile sector for production purposes. It is also established that animal components within the coloring process is completely waived.


Of course we send your order in a pretty package. But this package can do even more! FSC confirms that we use eco-friendly packaging. We avoid any plastic and use hundred percent recycled and recyclable packaging material.

Did you know? Hey honey is traveling green to your home. You get the opportunity to receive your favorite pieces with a clear conscience. DHL GoGreen focuses on the development and use of innovative technologies in their fleets and at its locations and on the transition to alternative fuels. They continuously optimize their routes overlooking the CO2 efficiency.