Experience the captivating world of fashion with our collection, inspired by the deep colors of the sea. Our standout BLUEWAVE pattern in dark blue and silver gray adds unparalleled elegance to your look. Paired with airy Serenity tones and dark Eclipse hues, crafted from our luxurious, silky-soft fabric, our collection sets trends. These pieces aren't just fashion; they're statements for your next journey. Elevate your style with our CONFETTI leggings or the sophisticated LEO leggings for the perfect everyday look. Discover the latest fashion highlights and make unforgettable statements.


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Bra BluewaveBra Bluewave
Bra Bluewave Sale price€65.00 EUR
Leggings Leo ChocolateLeggings Leo Chocolate
Leggings Leo Chocolate Sale price€109.00 EUR
Bustier SerenityBustier Serenity
Bustier Serenity Sale price€69.00 EUR
Leggings Confetti EclipseLeggings Confetti Eclipse
Leggings Confetti Eclipse Sale price€109.00 EUR
Bra Leo ChocolateBra Leo Chocolate
Bra Leo Chocolate Sale price€65.00 EUR
Leggings SerenityLeggings Serenity
Leggings Serenity Sale price€74.00 EUR
Leggings EclipseLeggings Eclipse
Leggings Eclipse Sale price€74.00 EUR
Biker Leo ChocolateBiker Leo Chocolate
Biker Leo Chocolate Sale price€74.00 EUR
Sweater VoyageSweater Voyage
Sweater Voyage Sale price€109.00 EUR
Leggings Jane SerenityLeggings Jane Serenity
Leggings Jane Serenity Sale price€89.00 EUR
Criss-Cross Bra SerenityCriss-Cross Bra Serenity
Criss-Cross Bra Serenity Sale price€59.00 EUR
Leggings ChocolateLeggings Chocolate
Leggings Chocolate Sale price€74.00 EUR
Sweatshirt Spirit BreezeSweatshirt Spirit Breeze
Sweatshirt Spirit Breeze Sale price€75.00 EUR
Muscle Tank SpiritMuscle Tank Spirit
Muscle Tank Spirit Sale price€49.00 EUR
Bustier ChocolateBustier Chocolate
Bustier Chocolate Sale price€69.00 EUR
Biker BluewaveBiker Bluewave
Biker Bluewave Sale price€74.00 EUR
Sweatshirt Spirit WhiteSweatshirt Spirit White
Sweatshirt Spirit White Sale price€75.00 EUR
Bustier EclipseBustier Eclipse
Bustier Eclipse Sale price€69.00 EUR
Biker SerenityBiker Serenity
Biker Serenity Sale price€69.00 EUR
Criss-Cross Bra ChocolateCriss-Cross Bra Chocolate
Criss-Cross Bra Chocolate Sale price€59.00 EUR
Leggings BluewaveLeggings Bluewave
Leggings Bluewave Sale price€109.00 EUR
Bra Confetti EclipseBra Confetti Eclipse
Bra Confetti Eclipse Sale price€65.00 EUR
Sweatshorts Spirit BreezeSweatshorts Spirit Breeze
Sweatshorts Spirit Breeze Sale price€55.00 EUR
Criss-Cross Bra EclipseCriss-Cross Bra Eclipse
Criss-Cross Bra Eclipse Sale price€59.00 EUR
Sweatshorts Spirit WhiteSweatshorts Spirit White
Sweatshorts Spirit White Sale price€55.00 EUR
Leggings Maternity Leo ChocolateLeggings Maternity Leo Chocolate
Leggings Maternity Leo Chocolate Sale price€109.00 EUR
Leggings Surf Style SerenityLeggings Surf Style Serenity
Leggings Surf Style Serenity Sale price€89.00 EUR