Overknees Outfit - Athleisure Influenced: Elevate Your Style with Comfort

Overknee boots, the stylish footwear that reaches above the knees, have long been associated with high fashion and a touch of drama. While they're undeniably chic, they can also be surprisingly versatile when infused with an athleisure influence. In this blog post, we'll explore how to create a trendy and comfortable Overknees outfit with an athleisure twist.

The Overknees Trend

Overknee boots have transcended their traditional association with formalwear and are now a staple in contemporary fashion. These boots can be found in various materials, from suede to leather, and come in a range of heel heights. This versatility makes them an ideal canvas for experimenting with athleisure elements.

Key Elements of an Athleisure-Influenced Overknees Outfit:

  1. Overknee Boots: The foundation of your outfit will be a stylish pair of Overknee boots. Choose a comfortable heel height that suits your preference.

  2. Athletic Leggings: Athleisure is all about combining comfort and style. Opt for a pair of high-quality athletic leggings with a subtle pattern or a pop of color.

  3. Oversized Sweatshirt: Bring in the athleisure vibe with an oversized sweatshirt. This cozy layer adds a relaxed and sporty element to your look.

  4. Statement Accessories: Elevate your outfit with statement accessories like chunky sneakers, a crossbody bag, and a beanie.

Creating Your Athleisure Overknees Look

Let's break down the steps to assemble your Athleisure-Influenced Overknees outfit:

  1. Choose Your Overknee Boots: Your boots should be the centerpiece of your outfit. Pick a color and material that complements your style, whether it's classic black leather or a bold suede option.

  2. Athletic Leggings: Pair your Overknee boots with athletic leggings. Look for leggings that provide both comfort and support, and don't forget to choose a length that works well with the boots.

  3. Oversized Sweatshirt: Slip into an oversized sweatshirt that drapes effortlessly over your leggings. You can choose a neutral tone or experiment with vibrant colors for a more playful look.

  4. Accessorize Thoughtfully: To complete the athleisure vibe, add statement accessories. A pair of chunky sneakers adds an extra layer of comfort and style. A crossbody bag and a beanie can enhance your overall look while maintaining the sporty aesthetic.

Elevating Comfort with Style

The athleisure-influenced Overknees outfit effortlessly combines comfort with style. This versatile ensemble can take you from a casual day out to an evening event without missing a beat. Here are a few tips to enhance your outfit:

  1. Layer Smartly: If the weather is cooler, consider adding a long coat or a denim jacket to your ensemble. Layering not only keeps you warm but also adds dimension to your look.

  2. Play with Colors: Don't be afraid to experiment with color combinations. A monochromatic look can be both sophisticated and eye-catching, or you can create contrast by pairing complementary shades.

  3. Texture Mix: Mixing textures can make your outfit more visually appealing. For instance, try suede Overknee boots with a leather crossbody bag for a tactile contrast.

  4. Day-to-Night Transition: To transition your athleisure Overknees outfit from day to night, simply swap your sneakers for heeled boots and add some statement jewelry for an elevated look.


An athleisure-influenced Overknees outfit allows you to embrace style and comfort simultaneously. These trendy boots, when paired with athletic leggings and an oversized sweatshirt, create a look that's both fashionable and relaxed. Elevate your style game while staying comfortable with this versatile ensemble.