Wide Pants in Autumn: How to Style the Trend Right!

Wide Pants in Autumn: How to Style the Trend Right!

Autumn is synonymous with colorful leaves, cooler temperatures, and cozy nights. But along with all this, autumn also ushers in some standout fashion trends. One of the biggest hits this season? Wide pants! But how does one style them to perfection?

Which top goes well with wide pants?

When it comes to wide pants, it's all about creating a harmonious balance in your ensemble. A form-fitting top, perhaps even in an autumnal shade like burgundy or deep green, can offset the volume of the trousers. A tight turtleneck sweater not only provides warmth but also offers a sleek line against the voluminous pants.

What can you pair with wide pants?

  1. Shoes: Whether you're leaning into a casual or formal vibe dictates your shoe choice. Sneakers or flats can lend a relaxed touch, while heels or classy boots can elevate the ensemble.
  2. Accessories: These little details can transform an outfit from good to outstanding. A bold, statement scarf, a long pendant necklace, or some dramatic earrings - any of these can provide that extra flair.
  3. Jackets: No autumn look is complete without the right jacket. From trench coats to leather jackets to cardigans – there's a myriad of options to put the finishing touches on your outfit.

Who suits wide-leg pants?

There's a myth that only certain body types can pull off wide-leg pants. In reality, they can flatter any figure, provided some considerations are kept in mind. Tall individuals can pull off almost any style, while those on the shorter side should ensure the pants don't drag on the ground.

What do I pair with wide jeans?

Wide jeans offer immense versatility. Whether paired with a snug sweater or a chic top, they can swing both casual and sophisticated.

A Special Highlight: The Wide-Leg Leggings from Hey Honey Yoga

Amidst the wide pants trend, there's a special standout: the Leggings Flared Soft Black by Hey Honey Yoga. These leggings uniquely fuse comfort with style. They offer the coziness of leggings but carry the fashionable cut of wide pants. The best part? They're also suited for yoga and fitness!