High summer calls for bold prints and colors. The BANDANA edition has it all: candy pink, baby lavender, chinese red and crisp white. Styles which accompanies us this summer from spicy spinning class to the beaches of Ibiza. The t-shirt KEEP YOUR SPIRIT HIGH with an effortless cut and a pink print at the back is the perfect match.


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Leggings CandyLeggings Candy
Leggings Candy Sale price€74.00 EUR
Leggings Baby LavenderLeggings Baby Lavender
Leggings Baby Lavender Sale price€74.00 EUR
Criss-Cross Bra CandyCriss-Cross Bra Candy
Criss-Cross Bra Candy Sale price€59.00 EUR
Leggings Surf Style CandyLeggings Surf Style Candy
Leggings Surf Style Candy Sale price€89.00 EUR
Criss-Cross Bra Baby LavenderCriss-Cross Bra Baby Lavender
Criss-Cross Bra Baby Lavender Sale price€59.00 EUR
Biker BlancBiker Blanc
Biker Blanc Sale price€69.00 EUR
Criss-Cross Bra BlancCriss-Cross Bra Blanc
Criss-Cross Bra Blanc Sale price€59.00 EUR
Biker Baby LavenderBiker Baby Lavender
Biker Baby Lavender Sale price€69.00 EUR
Leggings Maternity Surf Style CandyLeggings Maternity Surf Style Candy
Biker Bandana CandyBiker Bandana Candy
Biker Bandana Candy Sale price€74.00 EUR
Biker CandyBiker Candy
Biker Candy Sale price€69.00 EUR
Leggings Bandana EclipseLeggings Bandana Eclipse
Leggings Bandana Eclipse Sale price€109.00 EUR
Sweater RepeatSweater Repeat
Sweater Repeat Sale price€109.00 EUR
Criss-Cross Bra Bandana CandyCriss-Cross Bra Bandana Candy
Criss-Cross Bra Bandana Candy Sale price€64.00 EUR
Criss-Cross Bra Bandana EclipseCriss-Cross Bra Bandana Eclipse
Criss-Cross Bra Bandana Eclipse Sale price€64.00 EUR
Bustier Bandana EclipseBustier Bandana Eclipse
Bustier Bandana Eclipse Sale price€74.00 EUR
Shirt SpiritShirt Spirit
Shirt Spirit Sale price€49.00 EUR