From workout leggings to supportive bras, these pilates clothes can enhance your practice. Ready to try pilates for the first time or reacclimate yourself to the practice after a hiatus? Here, we break down what to wear.

Pilates Tops

Ideally, you select a top where form meets function—specific to your body type and comfort level. Our bras come in three different styles. The classic bra is your ultimate essential for every kind of workout. The criss-cross bra seems to be simple from the front. And is a head-turner from the back. It is crafted in a smooth stretch fabrication for the moves-with-you feel. The bustier is the perfect in-between style – half sports bra, half tank. The ideal choice if you’re like wearing something that feels more like a T-shirt or crop top. All our bras are made of ultra-sleek and breathable performance fabric.

Pilates Leggings

You don’t want anything too tight or low-waisted during your pilates workouts. It’s all about feeling comfortable. All our leggings are an essential for your activewear wardrobe. The second-skin feel makes you feel great during the whole time while you’re working out. 
Their high rise and close-fitting silhouette supports your body gently, allowing you to feel confident and secure. Designed to sculpt your lower body in all the right places, our leggings are perfect for your pilates workout at home or for your reformer pilates session in the studio. Made in a high-performance fabrication as all our bras. Activewear that fits as a second skin allows your instructor to see the alignment and shape of your body during exercises, which can make a huge difference to the benefits you'll get from class.

When it comes to your activewear, you need to ensure that the clothes fit well and are not too revealing. Some of the key Pilates moves involve contorting your body into a variety of shapes. The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable mid-session.
During your session, you'll be stretched, pulled and pushed by both yourself and your instructor, which means you need to wear something that moves with you and doesn't hinder you. Pilates is known for addressing the smaller muscles in our bodies and this is where we can create the strength, and length of a muscle. Keep it simple and choose workout gear that fits well, and that you don't have to keep adjusting during class.
Pilates involves a collection of low-impact exercises that coordinate movement and breath. The focus is on building strength and mobility, improving postural alignment and strengthening core stabilizing muscles.
The Pilates concept was born in the 1920s when Joseph Pilates, a German physical trainer, started using low-impact exercises to finely-tune muscle balance and neuromuscular patterns and create optimal strength. While at first Pilates was used for rehabilitation purposes, it soon became popular with dancers and gymnasts. The focus is always on the core, with low-impact moves for the whole body to improve strength, posture and shape. Joseph Pilates claim, which any serious Pilates fan will back up, was that, ‘In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body.’ In the late 1990s, it hit the spotlight when celebs like Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston were spotted heading to Pilates studios daily.

Since then, Pilates popularity has continued to flourish and this exercise trend favored by models and celebs has continually reinvented itself.